Cultures are the basis of values. Their differences sometimes generate serious obstacles to the business practice. To reconcile these differences and to minimize the causes of friction are some of the most crucial needs for successful management. This is where our greatest strength lies. Our consultation services are based on a multi-cultural view. Our consultation has never been biased by capital or authority. With close support from our network of overseas partners, our service commitment extends far beyond the borders of Japan.


Scope of Service
Breaking away from rigid, habitual modes of thinking and departing from the comfortable rut of business-as-usual can be an excellent way to discover new opportunities and markets. There is no such thing as a メtypicalモ consultation job. Each client and each set of problems is unique and requires a fully customized approach. By dynamically fine-tuning our operations, weユre able to provide services well-tailored to the clientユs needs. We provide only the minimum necessary staff to a project; further support comes from our partner agencies. This strategy is attractive from the clientユs standpoint because it helps to reduce overhead and operations expenses. Infobrains offers the following basic services. All are flexible and adaptable to the clientユs requirements. Our people can work either as a separate team or side-by-side with the clientユs staff as necessary.

  • Area 1: Financial Risk Management Consultation
    We provide integrated support for financial product risk management systems. Team support is available for the needs of financial engineering. By making use of our global partners, we can call on a reservoir of expertise in research on financial environments and directional strategies. Project management services are available on request.
  • Area 2: Security Risk Management Consultation
    We provide a variety of services for security risk management, including protection security and continuity security. System auditing and Disaster Recovery Planning are typical examples. Weユve recently completed work in DRP-related project management. Firm-wide projects will be accomplished by our associate members. We serve many industries, from finance and manufacturing to transportation and service industries.
  • Area 3: Information System Management Consultation
    We provide a wide range of management consultation in information systems and information technology, including telecommunications networks, and extending from PC-based applications to high-end processor environments. IS-oriented services are not limited to the financial industry; experts are available in manufacturing, transportation, and services.

  • Established: June 12, 1991
  • Authorized Capital:40,000,000.
  • Registered Capital:10,000,000.
  • Location: Fukuei Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken 272-0137, JAPAN
  • Voice mail: 81-47-399-6731
  • Fax : 81-47-399-6731
  • Electronic


    Major Clients
  • The Institute for Financial Affairs Inc.(Japan)
  • NTT Data Communications SystemsCorporation (Japan)
  • The Institute for Financial Information Technologies and Strategies (Japan)
  • Laurel Intelligent Systems (Japan) British Telecom (Worldwide)
  • P C Guardian Security Products (U.S.A.)
  • Dell Computers (Worldwide)
  • Compaq Computers (Japan)

    Project Management Experience
  • Central banks in the U.S. and various Asian countries
  • Investment banks and commercial banks in the U.S. and Japan
  • U.S. and Japanese systems development and software houses
    Foreign Associates and Partners
  • Forefront Information Strategies
  • U.S. Asian Consulting Group Inc.
  • T. Matsumoto & Associates

Profile of Masahiro (Mark) Kimura

Born in Tokyo in 1944,
Mr. Kimura holds a B.S. from the Science Faculty of the Science University of Tokyo. He joined Fairchild Semiconductor Division in 1970, the First National Bank of Chicago (Tokyo Branch) in 1980, and Bankers Trust Company (New York) in 1987. During his career in the semiconductor industry, he gained experience with most aspects of semiconductor design and fabrication. His work with financial institutions has covered global information systems, telecommunication, financial risk management, security management, information auditing, bank operations and portfolio support management.